Pair of spade lugs crimp 2.5mm² cable

Pair of golden fork lugs to crimp or solder,
1 red + 1 black. For 2.5 mm² cables

Dimensions :

Overall length: 32 mm with hood
Fork width: 10 mm
Inner width of the fork: 5 mm


The major advantages of spade lugs over bare wires is that they protect the ends of the wires from becoming unraveled and ensure that all the wire strands are captured in the connection

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Round speaker wire terminal gold plate

Insulated gilded screw terminals with rear plug for banana plug Ø 4 mm. Outside diameter 105 mm
Recessed diameter 76.5 mm

Speaker Terminal Binding Posts

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Standard spacing for use with dual banana plugs.

Pair of golden banana plugs for speaker cable

Pair of banana plugs with gold contacts. For 2.5 mm² speaker cable up to Ø 4 mm²