Let us help you choose your speaker surrounds

Complete the informations

In order to choose the right surrounds for the size of your speakers, follow the following instructions exactly.

Remove the remains of the old surrounds.

Measure accurately the dimensions B and C according to the drawings to the nearest mm. Note also dimensions A and D although they are not mandatory.
Report the measurements in the corresponding boxes of the questionnaire below

Check each measurement carefully. The dimensions "B" and "C" are the most important. The difference must not exceed 5 mm of the required dimension to avoid affecting the loudspeaker performance.

The dimensions "A" and "D" are of little importance, they do not intervene in the choice of the suspension.

For these 2 dimensions it is necessary to make sure of a minimum covering of 3 mm, and for dimension "D" if it is too big, it is easy to cut it with the chisel.