Install acoustic fabric on a speaker frame ... Easy

The right method in 17 tips and pics

When it's not the claws of the cat, it's time to get rid of the fabric installed on the face of your speakers. Yet this fabric is very useful, it protects your speakers from dust and UV rays partly responsible for the deterioration of the speakers.

This operation is not difficult to perform provided you apply the correct method. Yes, but what is the good method?

Remove old fabric

Let's start at the beginning.

After removing the frame from the speaker, you must take off and deglaze the old fabric.

Use a small screwdriver and pliers

Most acoustic fabrics are glued and stapled.

Using a small flat screwdriver lever to lift the staple.
A small clip will then remove all staples.

Frame preparation

After removing the old fabric, it is necessary to prepare the frame.

Sand it if necessary to remove all traces of the old collage.

The frame must be perfectly cleaned and dusted.

Lay the fabric

Place the new fabric on a table. Lay the frame on top.
Check that the fabric protrudes 5 to 10 cm from all sides

Paste the frame

Place a generous bead of glue all around the frame.

Preferably use transparent universal tube glue

Spread the glue

Spread the bead of glue about 1 cm.

Position the frame

Lay the fabric flat on the table and center the frame on the fabric.
Check that the fabric is aligned with the long side of the frame.
When the glue starts to take, move on to the next step.

Fold one side of the fabric

Fold one side of the fabric over the frame, and press the fabric to glue it.

Fold the other side

Flip the frame 180 ° and fold the other large side

Stick the opposite side

Fold the opposite pan, stretch it gently, press the fabric onto the glue.

Fold a little side

Rotate the frame again to glue a small side.

Pull on the fabric moderately to stretch it and strongly press the fabric onto the glue.

Fold the last side

Proceed in the same way for the last side.

Paste corners

At each corner of the frame proceed in the same way:

Pinch the tissue tightly between the fingers and fold the fold over the frame.
Without letting go of the stretched fabric, use a flat stapler to staple the fabric flat after it is folded onto the frame.

Agrafer les coins

here is the result to reproduce in the 4 angles.

When the glue is dry

After stitching the 4 corners, wait until the glue is completely dry to go to the next step:

Cutting of excess fabric

Cut out the excess of fabric

To cut off excess fabric, use a small, thin cutter and use a finger as a guide along the frame.


After cutting the excess fabric with the cutter, check the corners and finish the cuts with a small chisel if necessary..

The frame is now ready

The frame finally equipped with the new acoustic fabric is like new.

Black fabric

White fabric

Brown fabric

Beige fabrics

T1 fixing clips

T2 fixing clips

T3 fixing clips