Premium professional-grade speaker adhesive 4035 (15ml)

Premium professional-grade speaker adhesive 4035
15 ml

4035 Professional speaker glue in 15 mL vial. This glue is used by the highest speaker brands including JBL, ALTEC, BEYMA, CABASSE etc.


Glue in 15 ml bottle used in single or double gluing to glue all the elements:
surround / cone / frame.
Brown color
Surfaces to be bonded must be clean and dry. Apply an even layer of glue on both surfaces. Assemble and press strongly after a few minutes. Setting time 5 minutes.
Drying time 24H00

Bottle 15 ml diameter 24 mm total height 78 mm

Glue consumption:

With 15 ml bottle you can paste
- 4 speakers up to 13.5 cm
- 3 speakers of 16.5 cm
- 2 speakers 21 cm
- 2 speakers of 25 cm
- 2 speakers of 30 cm
- 1 speaker of 38 cm
- 1 speaker 46 cm

Usage tips :

Keep container tightly closed at room temperature
For professional / industrial use only.
Avoid contact with oxidizing agents.

Recommended storage conditions:

Incompatible materials: Store away from acids.
Store away from heat.
Store away from sunlight.

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