Pair of golden HQ banana plugs for speaker cable

Pair of banana plugs with 24K gold plated contacts. For 2.5 mm² loudspeaker cable up to Ø 4 mm² with banana connection Ø 4 mm

 Ces fiches à contacts plaqués or permettent un branchement fiable avec un excellent passage du courant sans pertes de contact. Le branchement par fiche évite d'avoir des fils baladeurs qui peuvent accidentellement toucher une autre borne provoquant ainsi un court-circuit ou des dysfonctionnements. 

These gold-plated contact plugs allow reliable connection with excellent current flow without loss of contact. The plug-in connection avoids the use of wired wires that can accidentally touch another terminal, causing a short-circuit or malfunctions.

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Speaker Terminal Binding Posts

Rectangular recessed panel
gold plated. Accepts 4 mm² wire.
Standard spacing for use with dual banana plugs.

Round Recessed Speaker Binding Post Terminal Plate

Insulated gilded screw terminals with rear plug for banana plug Ø 4 mm.

Pair of spade lugs for speaker cable 4 mm²

Pair of gold-plated Nakamichi spade lugs for better contact, cable lugs for 2.5 to 4 mm² cables.