Origin of our speaker surrounds

The myth of original speaker surround

Qo you sell original speaker surround edge ?

Here's a question that comes up often ... Here's the answer!
Know that there are no more or more original speaker surround, simply because the speaker manufacturers do not sell it for several reasons: 

- There is no more stock.

The ranges are constantly evolving, For old speakers, when the speaker manufacturer still exists, it has long been no longer stock! 

- The remaining stock would already be out of date.

A stock of speaker surround degrades over time. If a customer purchased a 20-year-old original surround it would be worn out by time and good to change! 

- Last but not least, it is not the interest of the manufacturers.

The job of a manufacturer is to sell new equipment. The constant renewal of ranges is the first way to get there. At the same time, the life expectancy of these new products is constantly decreasing. It may not be a coincidence. It is much more cost-effective for a manufacturer to sell new equipment, most often cheaply built in exotic countries, than to provide spare parts to renovate old equipment. This is totally contrary to his interests, especially since the management of the spare part is very expensive, it is even a nightmare for a manufacturer!

Origin of our speaker surrounds

To combat this obsolescence, some have decided to remanufacture spare parts adaptable to most loudspeakers market. The suspensions we sell come from two carefully selected factories that we have been working with for about twenty years. These factories manufacture on order suspensions according to the precise requirements of the customer. This is how we make new foam surrounds to give a second life to sepakers would have ended to the trash.

Better or worse?

Are these surrouds equivalent quality to the original?
The quality of our surrounds is at least equal if it is superior to the original surrounds. The reason is simple. Just like the tires, there have been tremendous technological advances that have allowed us to obtain the finest high-quality speaker surrounds, while at the same time having better consistency in performance and greater durability.
Nothing to compare with basic surrounds...

The choice of quality

We are uncompromising on the quality of our products.

Most of speaker surrounds available on this site have been designed and manufactured with latest generation foams, according to the specifications we have defined for superior quality and longevity to the basic models. These suspensions are adaptable on most brands of speakers of yesterday and today.

These speaker surrounds are of much better quality than the basic models equipping the majority of the speakers, it will provide an irreproachable service for very long years.

Finally our speaker surrounds have not been stored for months or more. A high sales volume guarantees a stock of speaker surrounds always freshly renewed.