The benefits of repair

My speakers are old is it worth it to repair them?

Your speakers may be 30, 40 years or older, it is not a reason for you to separate because you will not find the same quality and reliability. The vintage speakers were built to last. Although technology has changed little since then, quality has fallen sharply. The new speakers you buy today are built with low-cost speakers and are not designed to last. This is called scheduled obsolescence, as for TVs, refrigerators or cars ... Apart from a few rare exceptions, the current speakers are manufactured in Asia with only worries, economy and immediate profitability. Everything is calculated at the most fair to the detriment of quality and reliability. The Asian speakers have a life expectancy of about five years before having to replace them, because they can not even be repaired. The bottom line for manufacturers is that the look of the speakers is trendy.

Prefer repair rather than replacement

It is more economical, logical and ecological to restore your old speakers rather than buy new ones, which will be worse than the ones you will throw!
Do not throw your speakers under the pretext that the loudspeakers are disintegrating. This wear is normal. Just replace the membrane suspensions for the speakers to regain their youth. You do not throw your car when the tires are worn! For the speakers it's the same. Changing the diaphragm suspension means changing the tires on your car.

No speaker will work as well as the original speaker for which the speaker and crossover have been tuned and paired.

We often hear nonsense on the forums.
It is perfectly wrong to believe that installing a new speaker with a lower resonant frequency will provide a lower response. It's exactly the opposite that will happen, because the speaker is not tuned to the speaker bandwidth will be truncated in the extreme low

The speaker is nothing without the speaker in which it is installed and without the filter that manages its operation. It is the perfect harmony of these three elements that provides extreme seriousness.

Changing the original speaker for a so-called "best" speaker will cause you to lose some bass.

the mystery of the wedding speaker / speaker

If you take the same speaker and install it in two different speakers, the sound reproduction will be completely different, and yet it's the same speaker. It does not mean that the speaker is good or bad, it just means that he marries with such a speaker, and not with another. What is the difference? Each speaker has unique specific characteristics, called Thièle & Small parameters. We will not go into the details of these parameters, it is not the vocation of this site. Just know that there are no 2 speakers with the same characteristics. For each loudspeaker it is necessary to associate a wooden case (the speaker) to the dimensions adapted so that the "marriage" loudspeaker / enclosure is successful. It is not enough to make a wooden case with dimensions that suit you and put some speakers chosen on their own dimensions for it to work. The reality is more complicated than that.
It's all the art and craft of a good speaker manufacturer to achieve the perfect speaker / speaker tuning for an excellent sound result.

The speakers are not randomly built

The speakers are not designed at random. A serious manufacturer spends a lot of time designing, designing and developing a speaker, even with time-saving CAD.

Between the choice of speakers, the calculation of the dimensions of the speaker, and the development of the integrated filter is a job that requires multiple tests and adjustments before reaching the desired result.

In these conditions, it is easy to understand that it is better to renovate the original speakers, rather than change them.