Repair, reuse, limit waste

Preserving resources is good for the planet

As the planet's resources are limited, it would be better to repair and reuse the used materials rather than discard them after use.

According to scientists, it would remain less than 15 years of gold reserve metal, 20 years of lead inventory, 40 years before the end of oil, 60 years before exhaustion of natural gas reserves, 70 years before exhaustion iron stock ...

The nature reserves of our planet are not infinite. It is therefore imperative to anticipate this shortage by keeping these raw materials for future generations. The best way is not to destroy but to recycle and reuse materials already taken from nature.

Reduce waste

To build a 1000 gr loudspeaker we use:

- 240 gr of iron to build the frame,
- 700 gr of ferrite to build the magnet
- 10 gr of copper to build the coil,
- 25 g of tissue to build the spider
- 20 gr of paper to build the cone
- 5 gr of foam to build the speaker edge.

To repair a 1 kilo loudspeaker we use:

- 5 gr of foam to change the foam edge.

Repair a speaker helps preserve 99.5% of resources

Repairing a defective speaker can reuse 99.5% of the resources that were used to build it. Repair is the best way to reuse materials already removed from the wild. The reserves of our planet are not infinite.